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Junior Mobile Robot Kit

Junior Mobile Robot Kit

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Weight: 500 grams
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The Mobile Robot Junior is a simple yet exciting mobile robot suitable for those who are new to
robotics applications. It is equipped with the latest Astana Digital’s target board SB40T. Easy input
and output pins direct wiring with screw terminals, suitable for both PIC of 16F and 18F family, ICPS
pins for PICKit2 and PICKit3 programmer, USB Boot Loader option and many other features. The
Mobile Robot Junior can be a great platform for people to further explore C programming by
MPLAB software interfacing and see the real application of robotics through the motor, line sensor
array and proximity sensor provided. With a small size (15.5cm long and 14cm wide), the robot
could be your best partner in learning robotics.



Robot already programmed with line tracking and obstacle avoidance applications. Ready to run on black line with white surface.

• PIC Target Board for PIC16F877A or PIC18F452 Microcontroller (inclusive PIC16F887 with this pack)

• USB Programmer with usb cable

• Basic Sensors Pack (Red LED , Green LED, Yellow LED, SuperBright Green, LDR, Buzzer, Push ON Button, Push OFF Button, 7-segment Display, Variable Resistor & NTC)

• DC Geared Motor (60 rpm,1KG/cm torque,Voltage 6V,Current 60mA) x2

• Black Rubber Wheel (Diameter Wheel (65mm), Hub (6mm)) x 2

• Acrylic Robot Based

• Nylon 30MM Set x 4, Nylon 5MM Set x 4 , Nylon 15MM Set x 6, Nylon 10MM Set x 4,

• 9V Battery Holder

• Castol Ball (Cup Nut, Nut & Screw) & Screw Motor

• L293D H– Bridge Module Motor Driver

• Line Sensor Array

• LED Array

• Proximity Sensor