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Autonomous Robot Controller

Autonomous Robot Controller

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SKU: 10002260
Weight: 500 grams
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Brand: Astana
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Autonomous robot controller board for robot and general applications. This controller have everything you need to control one autonomous robot. This controller also dedicated for autonomus robot or manual control robot.


  • 8 general purpose output relay
  • 4 h-bridge relay can control up to 10ampere motor
  • Ready port for sabertooth and RoboClaw motor driver
  • Ready port for PS2 joystick controller for manual control
  • Header pin for I2C appilcations
  • Header pin for Serial control
  • On board regulated power supply for logic input
  • Enhance with PIC16F877A microcontroller
  • Ready port for ICSP vis our USB programmer
  • 16 LED's indicator for relays
  • 16 test button for relays
  • Selectable power jumper for 12V or 24V operation
  • Maximum portection for H-bridge relay using 10amp clamping diode.
  • Noise filtering for relays
  • 10 I/O ready port for external devices integration.