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CM-2+ With Battery

CM-2+ With Battery

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The Robotis Bioloid CM-2+ Control Module is a central control device that controls the Dynamixel series. With this device, you can operate the dynamixelmotors and read information from the sensor. It also allows you to construct and program joint type robots. The Robotis Bioloid CM-2+ Control Module supports RS-485 andTTLcommunicationand interlinks with all Dynamixel DX-series, RX-series and Sensor Module (AX-S1). A completerobot can be edited through the Motion Editorand Behavior Control Program. It is also supported by C language. It includes one download cable. The interface connects with ZIG-100 (wireless network module). The buttons are compatible with CM-5.

AX-S1Dynamixelconnector (3 Pin): 1 pc
RX (DX) series dynamixel connector (4 Pin): 8 pcs
Connects with ZIG-100 (wireless network module)
RS-232C serial port (PC connector)
6 button (5 input + reset button): compatible with CM-5

Movement method:
Boot loader (binary or hex file download and play mode)
Bioloid compatibility's behavior control program play mode
Dynamixel management mode
Motion edit mode

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