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motoDuino with L293D and USB cable

motoDuino with L293D and USB cable

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The motoDUINO is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P. It is almost similar as the Arduino UNO board but it there is an additional component of L293D which makes this board very interesting and helps you to save your budget and space.

Technical Specification:

  •  ATmega328P

  •  14 digital input/output pins

  •  6 analog inputs

  •  5V operating voltage

  •  Input voltage (6V-20V)

  •  6 PWM digital I/O(marked with ~)

  •  1 unit L293D integrated circuit

  •  2 DC motor connectors

  •  1 unit of DIP switch (4 ways)

Note: Download this link for FTDI driver.