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Bioloid FP04 - F8 (3pcs)

Bioloid FP04 - F8 (3pcs)

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SKU: 10001074
Weight: 100 grams
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  • Exclusive plastic frame for Bioloid kit

  • Usually used as a substitute of gripper or used when making Humanoids pelvis

  • High strength of engineering plastic

  • Can be affixed tightly using bolts and nuts

  • Grooved for tidy wiring and nut fastening


  • BIOLOID FP04-F8 (F8 frame) : 3 pcs

* Can be used for AX-series Dynamixels only.Not compatiblewith DX, RX, EX series.

* Bolts and nuts are sold separately. (BIOLOID Bolt Nut Set BNS-10).