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    Retro Makecode Arcade For Education
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    micro:bit TPBot Car Kit (Without micro:bit Board)

    Different Appearance: The appearance of the micro:bit tp bot robot car is made of ABS material. Compared with other cars, this is not a naked car. It is safer and has better color and hardness.

    Two modes: (1) TPBot Smart Car can follow lines and avoid obstacles without inserting micro:bit. (2) Once you insert the micro:bit, this becomes a micro:bit programmable smart car that offers kids the chance of learning code.

    Eye Patch: Kids can customize different colors of the "eye patch" through graphical makecode programming, and the micro:bit Tpbot robot car can emit brilliant colors in the dark.

    Rich Extension Interface: RJ11 (standard:4P4C) Interface and 4-way servo interface (standard:3 pin). Your child can create rich and fun cases by connecting different sensors.

    Building Block Extension: This micro:bit robot is compatible with building blocks, kids can create various shapes. It better improves their interest in programming.

    Stock available
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