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Veyron 1x5A Brushless Motor Driver

Veyron 1x5A Brushless Motor Driver

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The new Veyron brushless motor controller DFBLDC(1x5A) provides 3 different kinds Input modes(PPMUARTANALOG) it is especially designed for brushless motors which are widely used in robotics industry because of their high-performance and good reliability. 
  • Model Size:74mm X 40mm X 19mm
  • Moedl Weight: 50g
  • Input Voltage: 8~30V(12~24V recommended)
  • Operating Temperature: -3070
  • Input modes: PPMUARTANALOG0~5V)
  • Baudrate Types:1200/2400/4800/9600/14400/19200/28800/38400/57600/115200
Input Modes Choosing
About S1/S2 port
For UART, PPM and ANALOG Mod, motors and the driver communicate with each other through port S1 and port S2. The ports are assigned as the table shown below: