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The ARC32 is a state of the art servo controller and robotics controller. It utilizes a hybrid hardware solution to drive 32 servos with less than 1% CPU time. In addition to being based on a blazing fast 32 bit microcontroller, its the only affordable robotics controller that has an integrated 32 channel servo control.

True 32 bit math hardware is critical for the most demanding robotics application. Creating position data for 32 servos on the fly is nearly impossible without high speed 32 bith math. Things like inverse kinematics are now possible using the ARC32. In the past only a PC based system could handle the task.

The ARC32 is programmable in Basic, C or ASM using Basic Micro Studio IDE. The ARC32 offers many ready to go advance applications that demonstrate its raw power.


  • USB Connectivity

  • 2 Hardware Based UARTS

  • Battery Level Monitoring

  • Auxillary Headers For Expansion

  • 56K of Program Space

  • 4000 (4K) Bytes of User / System RAM

  • 256K User EEprom

  • Up to 20 A/D Channels

  • Up to 150,000 Plus BASIC Instruction Per Second

  • Intregrated 32 Channel Servo Controller

  • Hardware based 32 bit math

  • 25% Faster than BasicATOM Pro

  • Based on a 32 bit processor

Download datasheet here: ARC32 user guide